Teleflorist TV Commercial

Producer: Mercedes Crescenti
Director: Phil Hawkins

An unashamed spoof of the academy award winning film American Beauty.

Our main character lies delicately, sensuously on a bed of ruby red rose petals. She offers an alluring smile as even more red petals delicately rain down upon her.

As we begin to fall in love with the romance of the scene, as we start to fall for the character and the rose petals, giant falling cardboard boxes replace these same rose petals.

A dozen or so boxes land on her and whilst not physically crushing her (Equity wouldn’t let us crush a real actress), the romance of the scene is well and truly, well, crushed.

The message that Teleflorist don’t use boxes, but actually deliver their flowers personally permeates the commercial and we get the message in a memorably entertaining way.

The score to this parody obviously had to bear a resemblance to Thomas Newman’s original score for the movie American Beauty, so I used warm and succulent strings with a subtle marimba melody to I think great effect.