Mira Agile Shower

The keywords in this brief were ‘cascading’ and ‘warmth’. It also had to display a gentle technology feel to it, driving the film along and supporting the smooth voiceover.

I chose to go down the route of musical sequences.

To me, repetitive musical sequences, or the more musical term – ostinato are a sure way of creating a techy feeling in a score, but then it’s down to the choice of instrument you use to play that ostinato. A clipped synth sound, the type used in house / techno tracks tends to suit a very serious technology driven film, whereas this Mira track uses a very soft piano, with hints of synth fading in and out, giving it ‘drive’ but keeping it very warm and mellow. ‘

The client was over the moon with the way the score complimented the slo-mo visuals.