Jet2 TV Commercial

Production Company: The Mob Films
Director: Marcus Jones

I was asked to create a fun loving, warm and catchy theme for Jet2′s latest (Autumn / Winter 2012) TV and radio advertising campaign.

The agency gave me several music tracks to use as references for pace, instrumentation and overall feel. The track I created was really well received by Jet2 and following submission to them was signed off. However, I couldn’t help but feel that there was something missing… a step up in pace or instrumentation?

So I added a distorted Hammond organ intro played on my vintage 1960′s tone wheel and a very memorable vocal chant and re-submitted this to them as an added extra. This was the one they chose and currently, just 2 months into their campaign, it has received many thousands of hits on YouTube.

Sometimes it pays to reflect and adjust, even when you think the job is nailed.