Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Production Company: Veracity Digital
Director: Phil Tune
Voiceover: Jane Horrocks

More than just a job… I mean, who doesn’t remember the 1980′s ad – “What goes up, must come down”? 25 years later and I’m commissioned to write a brand new theme song for the launch of the groundbreaking ‘Superfresco Easy’ range. No pressure.

My music had to capture the characters within a family as they decorate their living room, especially the “Little Decorator” kids. Quirky and cheeky, upbeat Jazz in a contemporary style was definitely the right way to go. The addition of Joe Servi took it to the next level with his amazing vocal talent.

As well as the central melody Joe’s voice provided the doo-wop style backing vocals (and most of the brass instruments). All in all a superb, distinctive package.

This was a fantastically successful campaign with sales boosted between 60 and 100%.