Center Parcs

Agency: McCann Erickson
Production Company: The TV Department

Two days after my family and I returned from a short break at Center Parcs, I received a phone call commissioning me to compose the new theme for the Center Parcs TV and Cinema advertising campaign. The holiday was fresh in my mind and my aching legs were an all too painful reminder of how much fitter my son is than me on a bike!

I was in the uniquely useful position of having the product I was helping to advertise fresh in my mind… (Bentley and Jaguar please take note!).

I set to work on recreating our fabulous family activity break in music and wrote an uplifting and emotional piece of music which incorporates orchestral elements that punctuate certain scenes and generally make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

I was complimented by the production team and the client on my ability to produce a piece of music that sums up how they feel about their product and how they want potential customers to feel about their brand.

I’d love to be able to say “It’s all in a days work”, but to be honest, it takes much longer to produce, it takes great enthusiasm and motivation for the commission and it also takes that extra knowledge gained through the experience of being able to see through the client’s eyes.