Bentley Promo

The 3rd Bentley launch film I’ve had chance to compose the score for; in this one we see both the Bentley Continental Flying Spur and GTC. It was filmed in several locations in the United States, using multiple camera units and a couple of helicopters thrown in.

The Flying Spur is depicted as the ultimate luxury city car and the GTC, filmed in the wide open country, is all about freedom and escapism.

The music score for this film had to build several times and then quickly drop down to minimal and atmospheric layers. …Bear with me on this, here’s my own version of string theory: I decided to experiment by starting with a very low pitched and rich chord progression that could repeat as many times as the visuals required. Each time though, it rises in pitch, until eventually reaching the limits of the string section.

The idea came from listening to Samuel Barber’s Adagio For Strings – one of my all time favourites. As with many corporate films, a beat or pulse is needed, so it was enjoyable to add a powerful, yet slow rock beat to literally drive it along.