Being Sold The Movie - Film Music Score composed by Richard Bodgers

Being Sold The Movie – Film Music Score composed by Richard Bodgers

Being Sold London Film Festival Best Film Award 2011

Well, where do I begin with this crazy concept? A full length feature film, shot, using multiple camera units, over just one weekend. The majority of the shoot took place in a quiet street in Cheshire…a dozen or so british comedians, actors and a well known news reader…including myself and son, Josh as we were given a small, impromptu role!

Whenever I get a phone call from director / producer Phil Hawkins, I have to brace myself…what’s he going to throw at me this time? Fortunately, he gave me slightly more time to compose the film score, than he had to shoot it, but not a lot…5 days in fact. Not much time to write almost 60 minutes of original jazz band music…thank God for Coffee and takeaways! the trailer features some of the original score from the film, but is mostly bespoke music, written for the trailer.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, three months into his redundancy, following a blazing row with his wife, John Foster lists himself on an online auction site.

This award winning drama/ comedy (winner of best film & best actor at the London independent film festival), shot innovatively in just two days, stars…..


“…an honest hit of social drama” BEING SOLD gets three stars in Empire Magazine!

“The biggest surprise i received while watching Being Sold came from just how good it was. And by good i actually mean almost great…and becomes something quite wonderfull…”

The first review is in for BEING SOLD by FlickFeast. (Thanks guys!)

Total Film review

Funny trailer for an independent UK feature shot in just 2 days, about a guy who lists himself for sale on eBay.

Directed by Phil Hawkins (the British one from Spielberg’s The Lot), this just won best film a the London Independent Film Festival, and a share of the profits will be donated to Amnesty International in support of their work against human trafficking.

For those of you wanting to make films someday, this is a great example of what you can achieve with a small budget, a few favours and a motivated group of friends!


“Being Sold certainly is revolutionary, innovative and very clever…thoroughly enjoyable smart, fun and witty comedy drama…with shades of Peter Weir’s The Truman Show and Ron Howard’s Edtv…”

FMV Magazine

The Butterfly Tattoo

Composer Richard Bodgers and Director Phil Hawkins discuss music for the film ‘The Butterfly Tattoo’.

Whenever I think of The Butterfly Tattoo, or occasionally listen to the score, I actually feel ill!

The sheer lack of sleep that followed a panicked phone call from director Phil Hawkins, following a last minute change of composer…”can you play the piano?” and “what are you doing for the next couple of weeks?” …the next 15 days of my life belonged to him and his film!

At this point, I have to say that it was by far the best musical experience I’ve had to date. From the minute Phil arrived at my studio, we sat at the piano and very quickly began to write the main themes and motifs for each character and situation.

Working very closely on the score, due to the fact that the film had it’s UK premiere and national screening slots in exactly 16 days! Often spending 8 hours or more with Phil, followed by a further 10 hours orchestrating that days compositions through the night. By the time we sat down at the premiere, we were virtually broken, but at least we could sleep for an hour and a half!




Host, an epic soundtrack composed by Richard Bodgers

Listen to the soundtrack on Danny Lacy’s blog

DoP: Philip Bloom
COMPOSER: Richard Bodgers

A dark thriller, with one actor, one location, one day filming. To make things even more difficult, the actor is to be tied to a chair for the whole film! My concept for this particular score was to keep a constant pulse going – using a very deep and powerful bass drum and a repetitive bass sequence.

It was to run throughout the entire film, without increasing or decreasing in pace, so that it became very subliminal for the viewer. Each time there was a key moment, something to be punctuated, i decided to stop the ‘pulse’, this seemed to be more un-nerving then over-dramatising some parts.

Over the top of this rather ominous pulse, i composed a very rich, low-pithched string melody, which slithers in and out of the entire score. There is also a very sweet, yet subtle piano melody in parts of the film, still accompanied by this slow, driving pulse, making a psychotic and mistrusting feel.



Splintered - Father Thomas played by Colin Tierney
Splintered - Gavin played by Stephen Walter
Splintered film - Sophie played by actress Holly Weston


Troubled teen Sophie drags her friends deep into the Welsh Forests in search of a local legend – a dangerous wild beast: half animal and half human that uses its cunning and strength to brutally kill for pleasure. But when the beast leads Sophie and her friend, John, to an abandoned children’s home, the hunters become the hunted as John is violently attacked and Sophie locked up in an empty room.

Vulnerable, isolated and not knowing if she is being kept for food, pleasure or for an even darker reason by the vicious beast, Sophie must confront long forgotten mysteries from her past to discover the truth about her captor and ultimately, whether a path to freedom and survival is within her desperate reach…(Mwah ha ha!…i added that bit!)

This an incredible experience…as you probably know, or can imagine, a composer’s job is more often than not, a solitary one…sympathy please! But seriously, it’s one of the things that works for me and many other composers and editors. However, every once in a while, it’s good to escape from the studio ‘dungeon’ and to the set, to feel and smell the action, first hand! Ironically, it was straight from my dungeon to the dungeon on set. I got the chance to mingle with the actors and crew, but what really blew me away, was the old, disused monastery in Wigan…vast, strangely peaceful and of course, scary as ….!

The score is both full orchestral and electronic / sound design, often fused together, to create the eeriest drones and themes!


“An entertaining horror…oozing fairytale creepiness”
Obsessed With Film

“Horror for the ‘Skins’ generation”

“A journey (with them) to hell and back. Twists and turns…plenty of old fashioned horror”
Quiet Earth

“Tense, suspenseful….relentless”
Hoff Film Festival

“If you want scares, blood and some actual story, you’ll be well served here”
Film Rant